Managing Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) online

Momentum Cloud Technologies is pleased to announce a joint project with the NSW DEC Sydney Region Public Schools for a trial to manage Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) for Aboriginal students.

The trial has the backing of Sydney Region Aboriginal Education. Click here to link to the Sydney Region announcement.

Momentum Cloud Technologies, one of the Tech23 companies of 2011, and a firm supporter of public schools through its online solutions, ESR Reports, ESR Welfare and ESR Momentum, looks forward to a successful trial that will help schools reduce, standardise and automate workflow for teachers and staff involved in managing PLPs for Aboriginal students.

Mr Paul Degney, School Development Officer in DEC Sydney Region says that the implementation of the solution will allow PLPs to be monitored, tracked and managed at a school and regional level. Furthermore, it will allow for the continuity of learning as students transition from one year level to the next or from school to school.

Mr Degney stated that the online solution was a step in the right direction. As well as academic information, PLPs contain anticipated goals and outcomes developed in consultation with the student and family supporting a true educational partnership. The process under trial, will streamline the sharing of information when a student transitions to high school or moves to another school. This innovation will add considerably to the consistency, portability and true value of PLPs. The trial will commence in March 2012.

Momentum Cloud Technologies

Momentum Cloud Technologies harnesses leading edge technology to create innovative applications that make workflow and business processes efficient, effective and easy to implement. Its performance reporting solution for education is ESR Momentum.

ESR Momentum is a suite of integrated modules designed to help schools overcome the challenges of performance reporting. The modules help reduce, standardise and automate school processes and workflow, making it easier for educators to plan, assesses, record, and report on student academic performance. By streamlining core school processes, the software helps stakeholders meet external requirements for greater transparency and accountability.

For further information about the trial, please contact:

Ms Pem Dechen

General Manager