Simple and flexible record keeping.

Create any type of diagnostic record trail by creating your own Markbook templates for use within your school's assessment schedule.


Teaching and learning takes place on many levels and incorporates a variety of learning styles. Assessment, therefore, can also take on many forms. Momentum ESR MarkBook enables the effective documentation of these many forms of assessment.



With Momentum ESR MarkBook, you can now collect and collate a variety of periodic summative and formative assessments and easily record the results. This module allows any task to be allocated a mark or a grade and tracked. Momentum ESR MarkBook can be linked to individuals, grades, levels, stages or the whole school.



Comprehensive assessment statements can be used for reporting, parent liaison and the creation of individual learning strategies. By linking Momentum ESR MarkBook to other modules, such as Assessment, Programming and Trends, teachers can see a comprehensive analysis of all data captured.



Structured assessment templates (for example reading ages, spelling ages, running records etc) allow teachers to effortlessly access current and historical assessment data, whilst providing an efficient pathway for entering new information.